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If you are looking for Plant Hire in Mucking, we can help! Our range of Plant is all listed below – you can open an account with us and book a hire over the phone, and we can deliver the plant to your site in Kent.

Our Plant Hire rates are extremely competitive and our delivery rates are some of the best around!

We offer all types of plant hire, which you can find out more below by clicking the links.

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Mucking is a hamlet and former Church of England parish and civil parish adjoining the Thames Estuary in the Thurrock unitary authority area, in southern Essex, England. It is located approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) south of the town of Stanford-le-Hope. In 1931 the civil parish had a population of 498.

Mucking was “a particularly extensive Anglo-Saxon settlement, of at least 100+ people, commanding an important strategic position in the Lower Thames region; it may have functioned as a meeting place and mart for surrounding areas on both sides of the Thames”. Its name is of Saxon origin and indicates human settlement here for well over a millennium. The meaning is usually given as ‘the family (or followers) of Mucca’ (Mucca most likely being a local chieftain). However, Margaret Gelling has suggested alternative interpretations – ‘Mucca’s place’ or ‘Mucca’s stream’. Mucking’s geographical location on flat marshland at the very mouth of the River Thames indicates that settlement in the area by Germanic invaders from the continent probably occurred at a relatively early date; indeed, an outline of a now abandoned nearby Saxon village, West Mucking, was discovered from aerial photographs in the 20th century. Mucking was host to a small iron smelting industry because of its workable deposits of iron ore. Spongy iron blooms were produced and had their impurities worked out by a process known as ‘Mucking’. It is not known if this process is connected to the village name or a coincidence.

Mini Digger Hire

Our Mini Digger hire rates are extremely competitive and our delivery rates...

Dumper Hire

If you are looking to hire a Dumper Hire in Kent, we can help! Our range of Dumpers...

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